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I stared across the booth at my mom with a blank expression on my face and told her what I felt she needed to hear, what I’d never heard her husband say. “You look pretty.” And she did—prettier than I’d seen her look in a long time. She looked like she’d lost a few pounds. Either that or bought a better girdle. And I had an instant vision of my mom losing half her size, like the people on The Biggest Loser. We were at Red Barrel, celebrating their three-year wedding anniversary on Halloween with a bunch of people dressed up in costumes. Who gets married on Halloween? Better question: Why did they get married at all?


Nothing changes if nothing changes

Thirty-one-year-old Nevada Pearson is suffocating in a loveless marriage and mourning the loss of the life she always wanted. The work-from-home mom gained over a hundred pounds since saying “I do” just three years earlier. After her dramatic weight loss, she finds herself captivated by her new boss—a sexy older man who doesn’t belief in marriage. Nevada has always been the faithful type who would never ever cheat on her husband. But people change.

Nevada’s fifteen-year-old daughter Nicole has three vices: profanity, junk food, and something she’s too ashamed of to mention. She hates school and her mother’s husband and is convinced she has social anxiety. If not for a certain NBA All-Star point guard and his team in green, she would feel utterly hopeless. Soon, one of the finest boys at school—someone with problems of his own—takes an interest in her even though she’s fat and, according to something she’d heard on a Tony Robbins CD, somewhere between average and butt-ugly. She has a boyfriend, finally. But he plans on putting her love through a 2,083-mile test over summer break. And this will be a change she never saw coming.


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  1. Missy says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    I’m so glad to see your typed face in my inbox, and I’m also excited to get this glimpse of “Like Mom”

    I hope you are doing well, as for me I’m here by the grace of God. I’m looking forward to the book trailer.

    Take Care

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