In Love with a Younger Man
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At forty-three years old, Oleana Day feels restless. She just needs change, and a direction. She’s found it in Matthew Harper. He’s smart, financially stable, drop-dead sexy, and has no baggage. There’s just one problem—he’s 18 years younger, and he’s full of surprises. But what unfolds between them is something neither would have guessed—an unexpected romance about coming to terms, coming of age, and fighting for the love of your life.

Publisher’s Weekly Magazine had this to say about In Love With A Younger Man:

“Olena is a successful businesswoman without love or friends. She takes a paid yearlong sabbatical intending to write a book and sort out her life, but soon falls for Matthew Harper, a finance executive at a luxury car dealership who’s 18 years younger. Their relationship is passionate and complicated, and a stunning revelation at the end makes the age difference seem a minor point as Olena must face not only her future but her past. In a straightforward and entertaining tale, Robinson delivers what she promises”.

Midwest Book Review said:

“Olena makes this deep tale work when she falls IN LOVE WITH A YOUNGER MAN; who sees below the acerbic exterior to the lonely vulnerable woman inside. As Olena begins to think of a future without her beloved, she begins to look back to what she did to cause her to have no friends by running off anyone who tried to get close to her including family. Fans will appreciate this deep character driven contemporary romance as few protagonists are as developed as Olena is.”