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Like Mom Preview

I stared across the booth at my mom with a blank expression on my face and told her what I felt she needed to hear, what I’d never heard her husband say. “You look pretty.” And she did—prettier than I’d seen her look in a long time. She looked like she’d lost a few pounds. Either that or bought a better girdle. And I had an instant vision of my mom losing half her size, like the people on The Biggest Loser. We were at Red Barrel, celebrating their three-year wedding anniversary on Halloween with a bunch of people dressed up in costumes. Who gets married on Halloween? Better question: Why did they get married at all?


Nothing changes if nothing changes

Thirty-one-year-old Nevada Pearson is suffocating in a loveless marriage and mourning the loss of the life she always wanted. The work-from-home mom gained over a hundred pounds since saying “I do” just three years earlier. After her dramatic weight loss, she finds herself captivated by her new boss—a sexy older man who doesn’t belief in marriage. Nevada has always been the faithful type who would never ever cheat on her husband. But people change.

Nevada’s fifteen-year-old daughter Nicole has three vices: profanity, junk food, and something she’s too ashamed of to mention. She hates school and her mother’s husband and is convinced she has social anxiety. If not for a certain NBA All-Star point guard and his team in green, she would feel utterly hopeless. Soon, one of the finest boys at school—someone with problems of his own—takes an interest in her even though she’s fat and, according to something she’d heard on a Tony Robbins CD, somewhere between average and butt-ugly. She has a boyfriend, finally. But he plans on putting her love through a 2,083-mile test over summer break. And this will be a change she never saw coming.


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Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s Marathon Airs Today

The OWN network has picked up ten additional episodes of the new family docu-series Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s. What I don’t understand is why more viewers aren’t tuning in? Basically, Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s is a reality show, one of the best I’ve ever seen, and believe me I’ve seen quite a few.

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, set mostly in a St. Louis soul food restaurant, is the perfect comfort food. It doesn’t leave me with an empty feeling once I’m done watching. It’s more of a feeling of, “I can’t wait to come back for more,” instead of, “I just wasted an hour of my life.” Not to mention, for most of the hour, viewers’ are treated to some mouthwatering dishes. Looking at that food makes me want to fly directly to St. Louis, stand in the long line that wraps around the corner, and wait to enter, and stuff my face. I’m sure the first person I’ll see is Miss Robbie’s nephew, Lil Charles, standing against the wall, posing, with his arms folded, refusing to work.

The clip below is just a sampling of the food and a glimpse of Miss Robbie when she appeared on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Scroll all the way down to watch the first episode of Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s .


I’m glad that this show is doing well enough for OWN to pick up ten more episodes, but personally, I think more people should be watching this show, so the ratings can get even higher. Why not promote positive television?

Welcome to Sweetie Pies is my favorite show on OWN and my favorite reality show period. For me, it’s inspiring to see a woman running a successful business that has been open for many years. In addition to Miss Robbie, there’s also Miss Robbie’s son, Tim, who has a wonderful relationship with his mother. I don’t want to giveaway any spoilers, because I want people to tune in today during the marathon, but I couldn’t believe the questions he was asking his mother after her date. And Miss Robbie said what I was thinking exactly. “You’re not supposed to ask your mother questions like that.”

Tim’s fiance, Jenae, who I was originally on the fence about because she seemed a little too possessive of him. But I also get the impression that he may have been a  ladies’ man. Jenae loves Tim and Miss Robbie, who speaks highly of Jenae. In Miss Robbie’s eyes, her son couldn’t have picked a better woman, and Miss Robbie strikes me as someone who’s an excellent judge of character.  Jenae won me over after she gave birth three months early. That was when a much softer side of Jenae surfaced.

When Jenae first met Tim, she asked him three questions: 1) Are you married? 2) Do you have kids? 3) Do you have any felonies? No, he has never been married. No, he doesn’t have kids. Yes, he has a felony. At the age of seventeen, he was arrested for armed robbery and went to prison. He was young at the time, and his poor decisions cost him ten years of his life. And he may need therapy because of that. Miss Robbie told Jenae that she thought he needed to talk to someone. I’m getting the feeling that he may be a little emotionally withdrawn. But his life is clearly on the right track now, and as his mother’s business partner, he knows the ins and outs of Sweetie Pie’s for sure.

I’m personally invested in Sweetie Pie’s. I want Miss Robbie to get her business loan, so she can open up her third restaurant, a much larger facility with a banquet hall and a culinary school. I want to see her dreams come to fruition. She’s already used a million dollars of her own money to buy the building. Now, she needs to get a three and a half million dollar loan to complete the renovations.

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s is proof that it doesn’t take a bunch of over-the-top drama to be entertaining.

The marathon begins today at 4:00 p.m. on the OWN network.

About Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s:

(via press release)

The series follows the loud, loving and musical Montgomery family as they work to expand their family-owned business, one soulful dish at a time. When Robbie Montgomery, a 1960s backup singer and former Ikette, suffered a collapsed lung and had to stop singing, she decided to pour her talents into opening a soul food restaurant. At her popular St. Louis eatery, Sweetie Pie’s, both hilarity and drama are offered up, and now Miss Robbie is preparing to launch a third location with a little help from her son and partner Tim. Produced by Pilgrim Films & Television. Executive producers are Craig Piligian, Jenn Duncan, Tim Brietbach, Jeff Keane, and Steve Luebbert.

Below is the video of the first episode.

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